E v e n t s


M E I L E N   F A S H I O N   N I G H T   &   D E S I G N E R S   M A R K E T

For 3 years I helped to organize a fashion show for local designers with my friends from Atelier Toller. I was able to do the entire graphic design (flyers, ads, website, tickets, visuals for the show etc.), communication with the designers and exhibitors, setting up and maintaing guestlists, casting models, writing manuals, coordinating 5 event-photographers, taking care of our 200+ guests and VIP-guests and inviting and coordinating local press. It was a wonderful experience and I learned so much.


F O T O S H O O T I N G S   &   W O R K S H O P S

Besides my graphic design job I did a lot of people photography for my own label "Shootings by Annina". As a freelance photographer you have to be great at organizing things. Finding the perfect location, talking to models, getting make-up artists on board, collecting accesoires and putting together outfits, getting everybody on set (and hope it won't rain) on time and making sure the client is happy with the results. I also organized workshops for other photographers, were I made the location, models and lights ready.


C O M P A N Y   E V E N T S

I organzied many company events for my employees, for example I invited the whole team to come together before christmas and cook in a fully equipted kitchen, I prepared all the recpies and organized all the ingedients. Or preparing drinks and snacks in a fancy casino, of course everybody got a little pocket money for gambling afterwards. Or the italian musician my former boss hired and we had to put together a backyard party in a matter of days for 80+ guests with tents, food, decoration, inviations and managing the bar for the entire night.